Terms and Conditions

Plum Accommodation Global Ltd is registered in the Seychelles and sells accommodation and transfers on behalf of overseas principals and service providers via its administrative offices across the world.

By paying for the accommodation, transfers and/or tours, the guest agrees to the terms and conditions set out below and to that of the principal or service provider.

The name of the principal or service provider will appear on the booking voucher. The voucher will also list a foreign telephone number of the principal or service provider who has help lines to assist the guest with any problems relating to the room or transfer while out of the country. If the foreign provider cannot assist, the guest may call the South African telephone number on the voucher. A refund may be denied if this is not done.

Our 24 Hour Emergency Number is: +27 82 054 1403

Full payment of the amount due on the pro forma invoice is due within 72 hours of making a booking if the booking is not yet in cancellation. For bookings where the cancellation deadline is already reached, full payment is immediately due by means of credit card on our website.

Should we not receive payment by the time and date of the cancellation deadline or the 72 hour payment period (whichever comes first) in any unpaid booking, we will assume that you do not wish to proceed with the booking and cancel it.

When we have received payment we will send you a Tax Invoice.

We will implement appropriate measures to protect personal data of the guest. However, please note that Plum Accommodation is obliged to collect and disclose certain data mandated by foreign exchange and banking regulations as we contract with foreign principals and service providers.

Please check and make sure all the details on the hotel and travel voucher are correct and report any errors to Plum Accommodation immediately in writing. Failing this, it will be assumed that there are no errors. Plum will not be held responsible if we are not informed of errors in time to rectify such errors.

Although your booking at a specific hotel is confirmed; the hotel keeps its right to announce a book-out situation and move your booking to a different hotel with the same rating. Plum Accommodation is obliged to offer an alternative hotel, similar in price and nature, to the guest, however we cannot be held responsible for book-out situations.

Plum Accommodation shall not be liable for any failure or results of uncontrollable circumstances such as flood, earthquake, riot, and terrorist act, act of governments or authority change in a country or bad weather conditions. It shall also not be liable for any losses, liabilities, claims, proceedings and damages of whatsoever nature that the guest may suffer as a result of any reason whatsoever, including any negligence or default on its part or on the part of a principal or service provider.

Star ratings give a general idea of the quality of a hotel and approximate level of facilities, services and amenities. However criteria and specific requirements applied to star ratings may vary from country to country.

The guest agrees that room and transfer rates may change daily depending on exchange rates, day of the week, special offers or events or the season. The guest will not dispute the amount paid to Plum Accommodation even if the guest discovers afterwards that he or she could have obtained the room or transfer on other terms.

The exchange rates may change on a daily basis depending on fluctuations in the market. We reserve the right to change prices until payment has been received by us. These changes do not affect the rate of a confirmed booking.

Best rate commitment offers are subject to the following terms and conditions. Proof of lower rate must be supplied in writing, along with full details, breakdown and terms. The accommodation must be available and for the identical travel dates and must be for the exact room category at the exact same hotel. Furthermore the room must be available to book at the lower rate in the same currency was quoted by Plum. Loyalty points, credits or other offers using "rewards" as full or part payment do not qualify. If you feel that you are due a refund, the onus is on you to prove that you could have booked the exact room at the exact hotel on the exact same dates in the exact same currency at the time when you made the booking. Such enquiries can be sent to and it will be investigated by our team and a result will be given. Such a result will be final and should a refund be granted, please allow up to 90 days for a refund to be affected.

Third Party Terms

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